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Culture Changes at Guest House of Slidell. 
Our Journey through Culture Change; The New Way of Thinking and Living at the Guest House of Slidell

The word “culture” in itself has multiple definitions and by some may even be intimidating when considering a change in culture. However, here at the Guest House of Slidell, we are ecstatic about our culture change that is underway! For us, culture change is not so much of a culture shock, but rather a warm-welcomed change for the better. In undergoing culture change, we know our residents will be more content and happy living in an environment like their own at home and it is of upmost importance that each and every resident at the Guest House of Slidell feels like a part of our family.



“Within our households, I constantly hear terms like ‘outrageous,’ ‘passion,’ ‘energy,’ ‘spirit,’ ‘attitude,’ and other exciting descriptions characterizing how our household teams celebrate our adaptation to culture change in our facility. But the most repeated word of all is ‘fun.’… Who would have ever believed?”

Brian Martin,
Market Manager



“We are on a journey committed to culture change, and we are making great strides in that direction. Everyone – staff and residents alike – is on board, working diligently to create a more home-like environment to live and work in.”

Mary Courtney,
Assessment Nurse,
Natchitoches Community Care Center


According to Dictionary.com, “culture” is defined as “that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.” as well as “development or improvement of the mind by education or training”. The Guest House of Slidell strives in providing excellent care and we know it is important to address our residents as individuals with individual likes and dislikes. In order to do so, we provide person-centered care and we focus on what makes each individual happy and thrive! Our staff is a knowledgeable and caring staff and we have the drive, dedication and education to provide the up-most quality care to our residents.

At the Guest House of Slidell, our culture-change journey began by becoming more home-like. We now have a coffee bar equipped with a variety of sugars, creamers, water and juice that residents can enjoy at their leisure. The coffee bar is located in our newly renovated dining room that is designed to look the same as a kitchen one may find in a home. Our new dining room has a beautiful, large, marble counter top area with beautiful white cabinets and a sterling silver fridge. The Guest House of Slidell also offers alternatives to meals if a resident doesn’t like what is being offered on the menu. Just as you have options as to what you would like to eat at home, our residents do the same!

These are just a few examples of what the Guest House of Slidell has done thus far on our journey through culture change, and we are so excited for what’s to come in the future! For more information on our journey through culture change or to get a tour of our facility and meet some of our staff, you can contact us at (985)643-5630.

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