An important decision

Choosing a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center is an important decision. At Guest House of Slidell we understand your concern in making the right choice. Our trained, professional staff is committed to providing each individual with quality care.


Person-Centered Care

Visitors to Guest House of Slidell immediately notice the intimate, home-like atmosphere and comment on our “family feel”. This family feel is complemented by community members who are involved in activities with residents and help them maintain connections to the community. Our philosophy of person-center care carries over to how we serve residents. Overhead pages and medical charts have been replaced by less intrusive electronic medical charting systems. Our focus on the individual, means Guest House no longer has “bath times”. Residents have the choice of when they want to bathe – just as they did at home. Amenities include a refreshment bar with drinks, coffee, soft serve ice cream and cookies that residents can enjoy at any time.

Surveys document the success of our philosophy. In a national satisfaction survey of residents and families, Guest House of Slidell ranked above our peers in all 26 of the 26 survey categories, including overall satisfaction, nursing care, rehabilitation, meals, activities and relationships between residents and staff.


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Our Rehab Graduates

We take pride in getting our Rehab to Home patients rehabilitated and back home to their normal lives. Click below to view some of our recent graduates who are happily living back in their homes.

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